Project Hemelaer

  • Medium: NH3
  • Installed capacity: 1.250 kW bij -10°C
  • Control: Siemens, visualisatie Reliance


VHI Koudetechniek B.V. recently received an order from Hemleaer in Temse. This Belgian beef processor aims to expand at its current location with its own cattle slaughterhouse. VHI Koudetechniek B.V. made a design for this and also took care of the execution of the entire installation.

An air treatment unit (AHU) of our own manufacture with a capacity of 50,000 m3/h was chosen for the slaughter line. Together with two frequency-controlled extractors (each 25,000 m3/h), we optimally ensure that the slaughter hall is at overpressure at all times, in order to keep out unpleasant odors from the intestines department and/or stables.

For the cooling process, which runs on NH3, VHI Koudetechniek B.V. has chosen to expand the existing system in terms of capacity. This was done by installing an extra NH3 separator in the machine room of the slaughterhouse. This together with a Sabroe SMC108 compressor running at -10°C and an adiabatic condenser from Friterm. This installation is connected with the existing installation which dates from 2018.

A total of 38 new evaporators are connected for the expansion. The re-cooling of the carcasses after slaughter is done by a self-designed rapid cooling tunnel with a temperature of 1°C and an air volume of 450,000 m3/h. Afterwards, the cattle are stored in 3 large carcass cells. From these cells, the carcasses are cut up in the new cutting room. This cutting room is equipped with an AHU of 30,000 m3/h to which 3, 30 meter long, D-exhaust hoses are connected.

In order to ensure that both the existing installation and the new installation could communicate well with each other, VHI Koudetechniek B.V. chose to upgrade the software package and rewrite it entirely according to the client’s wishes.

This visualization allows the client to view and control his entire operation on one screen. In addition, the software features weekly clocks for optimal control. For the client, but also for VHI Koudetechniek B.V. and the service party involved, the software is accessible from outside by applying an IXON.