VHI Koudetechniek B.V. provides existing and completely new factories and warehouses with refrigeration systems. The installations are realized on a customized basis with chillers, air treatment units, freezing tunnels, spiral freezers, compressors, condensers, insulated pipes and switch boxes. The installations are prefabricated in the workshop at VHI Koudetechniek B.V. At the final destination, the assembled parts are ‘knotted’ together so that the installation has a short lead time.


Distinguishing features of VHI Koudetechniek B.V. services:

  • Full service (advice, design, realization, service and maintenance);
  • High quality (drawings and implementation);
  • Flexibility;
  • Short lead time;
  • Energy-friendly solutions;
  • Attention to the environment and hygiene;
  • Cost-saving applications;
  • Horizontal, informal and very committed organization.