Driven by knowledge

The majority of the employees at VHI Koudetechniek B.V. have been with the company for many years: skilled designers, draftsmen, work planners and mechanics with a special (technical) track record. Director Bart van Helmond built up knowledge and experience over more than 30 years about the process surrounding industrial refrigeration technology and customer relations and he is driven by knowledge:

“We have always used the company philosophy ‘Driven by knowledge’ in our organization, but now we are explicitly naming it. We are market leaders in certain sectors for a reason. The basis for this was laid from 1978 onwards by immersing ourselves well in the market and all the technical aspects involved in refrigeration technology. This accumulated knowledge and experience forms the foundation that enables us to carry out the projects for our clients as required. We want to be good, make sure we are leading the field and know what we are talking about. We are genuinely interested in customer issues to learn from them. Being interested in the customer’s production process makes all the difference. When you understand that process well, you can also add our right value to it. That way, we discover how best to use our facilities.”


“We listen to what our clients want very carefully. By asking them what they need, making proposals and adapting things, they are provided with the technical refrigeration technology aspects in a handy manner. We do not always opt for standard solutions. We also try to innovate. We also let go of ‘well-proven solutions’ when we think we can achieve customer benefit somewhere else.”