Energy costs

Energy consumption is a “hot” item in refrigeration technology. Energy and maintenance costs are the starting point for VHI Koudetechniek B.V. when putting together an optimal design. A good technical design and the correct realization of the refrigeration installation reduce the final energy costs. VHI Koudetechniek B.V. also supplies the controls to make the installation run energy efficiently.


We distinguish ourselves in the market by making the refrigeration systems run “driven by knowledge” in a more energy efficient way. The application of innovative sluices in the cooling room and the smart recovery of heat energy in cooling processes are practical examples through which energy costs can be reduced. VHI Koudetechniek B.V. also supervises automation projects so that clients can operate more effectively with a view to saving energy thanks to more efficient use of the installation. The existing installation is ‘energetically analyzed’ followed by well-founded advice and, if required, implementation of the improvement proposals.