Energy costs

Energy consumption is a ‘hot’ item in refrigeration. To VHI Refrigeration energy and maintenance costs constitute the point of departure for conceptualising optimum designs. At the end of the day, good technical design and the correct construction of the refrigeration system reduce energy costs. VHI Refrigeration also supplies energy saving control software for systems.


‘Driven by knowledge’ we distinguish ourselves on the market by making systems run in a more energy conscious manner. Installing innovative locks in the cold store and introducing the smart reclaiming of the heat energy refrigeration processes generate are practical examples which allow energy costs to be decreased. VHI Refrigeration also supervises computerisation processes which allow clients to work more efficiently with a view to saving energy thanks to the more efficient use of the system. The existing system undergoes an energy audit which leads to grounded advice and, if so desired, the implementation of the proposals for improvement.


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Driven by knowledge